Terms and Conditions of Use

By using the services, information, website and applications of Afyal, you agree to be bound by its conditions of use (explained below) and all disclaimers and terms and conditions that appear elsewhere on Afyal.

General Terms & Conditions

  • No violations of the laws of Saudi Arabia or any other countries our services are offered to.
  • Non-human use and access to the website or the services of Afyal is only allowed to Google, Facebook and Twitter. It is forbidden access or use the services of Afyal by any other entities.
  • Collection of users data such as emails or phone numbers or violating the users privacies is strictly prohibited.
  • Accepting the information provided on the FAQ page and abiding by it
  • Accepting the shipping policies.

Shipping Policies

Shipping Liability

  • We are not responsible for any fees, taxes or import duties imposed by the destination country.
  • It is the full responsibility of the customer to abide by the destination country laws and pay any fees, customs charges or other required payments by the government at the destination country. Please make sure you contact your local authorities before placing an order.
  • We will NOT issue any refund if the order items were rejected or disposed of by the customs officials at the destination country due to violating the authorities regulations.

Duties and Taxes

However, many countries have tax/duty-free threshold for personal imports where no additional charges are applied. The threshold varies from a country to another and can for instance be the total value of the import, quantity of ordered items, etc. Please check the rules applied locally at the destination country to determine whether you will be charged any fees before completing a purchase.

Package Limitations

  • EMS is among the most popular and economical shipping methods available. For most countries, a package shipped via EMS can not exceed 30 KG in weight. If your order contents exceed in weight 30 KG, we may break it up into several packages to avoid exceeding this limit.
  • Shipments to some countries for certain items may not be available. These items include over-sized parts (doors, bumpers, etc.), flammable content, liquid or pressured gases (airbags), or large glasses. Please contact us before placing an order if you are in doubt about whether certain items can be shipped to your destination country.