Wholesale Offers

This page concerns only wholesale buyers and distributers of car parts anywhere in the world. If you need to buy auto parts for your own car, please go back to the main page and look up the parts you need from there.

Terms and General Guidelines

  • Buyer reviews the part numbers in the provided excel sheet below.
  • All the offered parts are GENUINE parts from Toyota, Hyundai or Kia
  • The prices in the attached file are the suggested RETAIL prices for end consumers.
  • Buyer selects the part numbers he wishes to buy and provides the purchase price for each part or the overall discount for all the parts.
  • Minimum purchase amount is 13,000 USD.
  • Interested buyers should send a list of the parts they wish to buy along with the contact details of the main buyer to this email
  • Each purchase request should be accompnaied with country name and port of arrival.
  • A deal is sealed only when the buyer is provided with approval from the management of the warehouse.
Download the pricelist